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An Honest Explanation And Update...

As acknowledged in my new year blog post, I have become a lot more absent on this blog than I want to be.  I have been posting a few updates on my Instagram, but I realise these have been very far and few between, and probably quite cryptic in terms of detail. It has always been my intention for this blog to offer 'something' to others. I do share some of my life experiences, but my main intention is to use them to help others. At the moment, I don't feel like I am in a position to be able to offer much in terms of advice or suggestion.  However, I do feel obliged to explain a bit about where I am at with a view to acknowledging openly my current situation in order that I may feel better able to return to my usual content when I am feeling ready.
A pretty major event in my life recently has been that before Christmas, I had my video recorded interview with the police about the historical sexual offences committed against me as a child. There had been quite a build up to t…

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